Picking up your share:

I understand that my weekly pick-up will be available at one of the pickup locations that I will be notified of the week in the newsletter. If I am out of town or forget about the share or cannot find an alternative party to pick up my share, I am to notify Wimbrow Farms at least 24 hours advance so my share can either be suspended or donated.


Pick-up times are specific at the location. It is my responsibility to pick up the box within the time parameters. If I am unable to pick up, I will have an alternative person come and pick up on behalf of me. It is my responsibility to let Wimbrow Farms know the name and date of when the alternate person is picking up. I fully understand that if the share is not picked up during the day, time frame, or by the alternative person designated, your share will be donated by the discretion of the person in charge of the CSA share that day.


By signing up for the CSA Share Program, I understand that I will be added to a weekly email list. The email will be how Wimbrow Farms communicates with the CSA members. Wimbrow Farms will not be held responsible for any miscommunications due to emails going to a different location such as spam folders. I also understand that I will be responsible for notifying Wimbrow Farms if you do not receive an email of the weekly newsletter or an email receipt of something purchased on the website. 


Please note: All our customers' information is kept strictly confidential. Wimbrow Farms will not release any information to anyone regarding our customers unless warranted by town, city, state or federal officials. The registration's web site is secure where your information will be safe. 


I understand that once I sign up and pay for the membership in full or have committed I have secured my place in the program for the season. I’m signing up for Wimbrow Farms CSA Farm Share, whether I pay in full or in payments. I am liable for the full cost of the share. If I fail to pay for the full amount of the CSA share, I will no longer be eligible for participation.


Payments are only refundable until the fourth week of your sign-up date. Members may choose to transfer who the share goes to, but the original shareholder will be held accountable for the payments or the full price of the share.  If this would to occur, please notify Wimbrow Farms.

You have payment options with the Full membership. You can pay the total for the membership in full or you may pay in monthly payments or weekly payments. The full cost of the share will depend on the share size that you choose. 

Please acknowledge that there will be no refunds on the missed shares.

Sharing the season:

I understand that as a member of the CSA share, I share risks of farming, including lost produce, adverse weather, etc. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Email us @ info@wimbrowfarms.com

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