What is a CSA Farm Share?

A CSA Farm share is a Community Supported Agriculture which is essentially a partnership between a farmer and the community. Sharing the risk of a farmer, A member would purchase a share of the farmer's harvest during the growing season.


Why many families choose a CSA: 

  • Health 

  • Supporting local farms 

  • Fresh foods from varieties not offered at a local grocery store  

  • Knowing exactly where your food comes from. 

  • The benefit of eating healthy, great tasting vegetables that are hand selected for the best quality by harvesting them right when they are fresh.

How does a CSA Work:

Once per week on a predetermined day you will come to one of our pickup locations. You will pick out half the produce (up to 4 items depending on the size you get). You will be given a list via email the Week before, letting you know what your share will be for that week. In order to supply the needs of everyone's share, the choice on what you will receive regarding quantity and selection is at our sole discretion and based on the availability of the produce that week and whoever oversees pickup at that time. Substitutions may be arranged at the time but are not 100% guaranteed. You can trade/ share CSA Produce, but that will be for you to decide. While not all product is grown on our farm, we may on occasion partner up with other local farmers on items we don’t produce to supply your weekly share.

Our Share Options:

You will receive a weekly share of produce for 16 weeks from our CSA Program. You will have an option to choose from a small box, medium box or a large box. A small box you will be able to choose up to 2 out of the 4 items of offered product, and feeds 1-2 people. For a medium box you can choose up to 3 out of the 6 offered items, which feeds a normal family up to 4. And finally, a large box you can choose up to 4 out of the 8 items of offered product and feed a busy family of up to 6.

How to Pay:

  • You can pay at pickup ($35 - Large) ($25 - Medium) ($15 - Small) 

  • Get Billed once a week for 16 weeks ($35 - Large) ($25 - Medium) ($15 - Small)

  • Pay in full. ($560 - Large) ($400 - Medium) ($240 - Small)

     You may choose more than one payment method.

Summer Season:

The summer season is 16 weeks long, starting from June 3rd to September 16th.

The risks of Farming:

 In farming there are risks involved and sometimes problems may occur with supplying enough produce to supply everyone needs. By becoming a supporter or member of the CSA, you take part in the risks. When you invest in our farm, we commit to do our best at providing for you an abundance of fresh produce each week. However, as farmers, we understand that we are always at the hands of Mother Nature. As a supporter of the CSA Program, you understand that this is a vital factor. Unfavorable weather (large amounts of rains, droughts, etc.) can have a heavy impact on the production of crops, sometimes even having a total loss of a crop. In the event this happens, we ask for your cooperation as we may be able to do a second planting of a vegetable or we may not. In this we will have a total loss together.  We do, however, commit to making every effort to provide an alternative product if possible, as we feel a big responsibility on filling the needs of our members.

Note: "Items" refers to a type of produce, such as tomatoes, corn, squash, etc. It does not refer to the total number of items you will receive 

*We @ Wimbrow Farms is at liberty to make changes to this agreement at any time. *

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